TGR #7: The Draft

What a night Thursday turned out to be! This week “The Guy” and “The Face” take a quick look at the 2010 NBA Draft including: Which teams busted their picks/which players will end up being busts, Kevin Pritchards final moves as the Trailblazers GM (and their classless act to fire him on draft day), our 5 choices of who would most likely turn into NBA All-Stars, and OF COURSE all of the huge moves Presti pulled off for your Oklahoma City Thunder. Joel and Brad have their most heated debate yet that boils over into a comparative accusation of one of the idiots being like a certain local sports radio personality. Listen, subscribe, and let another Thunder fan know about the podcast.

Show Breakdown:

* :30-13:09 - General NBA Draft Discussion
* 13:10-36:45 - Thunder Draft Discussion
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UnderThunder said...

Gotta be honest, a little dissapointed by the way Presti used our cap space here.

We've got the biggest Free-Agency ever and Presti uses up every assett we have in the draft. Who's to say that Cole or another Rookie big man that Presti coveted wouldn't still be available in 2 weeks after the free agent market has opened and our managment has had a chance to look around and see if they could pull off something that would help us make a run now. If nothing showed up I'd have a hard time believing that the Hornets still wouldn't have done a deal like that, especially if you look at all the cap trouble they've got themselves into.

Joel (the guy) said...

That's what I was saying. Me and you bro..we're on the same page. Great comment.

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