TGR #8: Free Agency/Trade Extravaganza (Interviews with ESPN Truehoop bloggers from Miami/N.O.)

This episode is HUGE! (In content, not length) We interviewed ESPN True Hoop Bloggers Surya Fernandez of (Miami) and Ryan Schwan of (New Orleans) to discuss: What Daequan Cook and Morris Peterson will bring to the table in a Thunder uniform, how the draft day trades affect each organization involved, the state of the Hornets franchise, whether or not Chris Paul is really on the trading block, FREE AGENCY, and so much more. Plus we unveil our new TGR intro! Hard to believe we packed all that into one episode. Download, subscribe, comment, and let another thunder fan know about the podcast.

Episode Breakdown:

* Intro: 00:00-2:15
* Interview (Ryan Schwan; New Orleans): 2:15-18:36
* Mo Pete Inquiry: 2:15-4:52
* Draft/Trade Talk: 4:53-8:40
* Chris Paul Trade Rumors/State of the Hornets: 8:40-15:00
* Interview (Surya Fernandez; Miami): 20:30-36:00
* Daquan Cook Inquiry: 20:40-25:10
* Free Agency Talk: 25:10-35:30


Doug Dawg said...

Great job you guys are doing! Keep it up!

UnderThunder said...

Reports are Bosh is joining Wade in Miami and refusing to do sign and trade to go to Cleveland. What do you think of that?

Joel "the guy" said...

Miami with Wade, Bosh and not much else will win 55 games in the East. But won't do much else. I still like Cleveland as they are now to be better. And if ORl can replace Carter or Lewis with someone that can have a pulse in the playoffs, they're the I go again, overlooking Boston.

Bosh is a great player, but has no killer instinct. He doesn't scare me as an opponent.

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